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Thank you for choosing UPSA. Please follow the instructions below and become a member of this prestigious group of companies.

  • To request an UPSA representative to contact you and process your membership please send us an email using our contact page or using your own email to with the subject Membership indicating a time and way to contact you back.
  • To download the form and send your application by mail please click here.
  • To process your membership online please fill the form below with your information and follow the instructions.

Online Membership Application form:

Membership Categories and Dues
(Please choose according to your principal business activity)
Public Pool Builder - $550.00 (voting member)     Health Department Official - Complimentary (non-voting member)
Residential Pool Builder - $550.00 (voting member)     Building Department Official - Complimentary (non-voting member)
Service Company - $550.00 (voting member)     Public Official - Complimentary (non-voting member)
Manufacturer - $1100.00 (voting member)     Architect/Landscape Architect - Complimentary (non-voting member)
Distributor - $1100.00 (voting member)        
Engineer - $350.00 (voting member)        
Affiliate - $350.00 (non-voting member)        
Subcontractor - $250.00 (non-voting member)        
- For paid memberships a 4% credit card processing fee will be added to the total.
- UPSA accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
- Your application must be approved by the UPSA Board of Directors.
- If you applied for a paid membership and your application is denied UPSA will issue a refund.
 I agree to support and abide by the By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the United Pool & Association.

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 includes a provision which denies the tax deductibility of lobbying expenses and introduced new rules affecting tax-exempt organizations that conduct lobbying and political activities.

As mandated by this law, we must estimate the percentage of dues income which will be expended on lobbying activities during 2016-2017. That amount becomes taxable for federal income tax purposes.

UPSA cannot absorb the tax. Therefore, we are obligated to inform you that 20% of your dues is non-deductible.
UPSA Membership Application
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Florida 32752-0156

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